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EcoGraphics/Abracadabra Printing is a small printing company located in the Puget Sound region of Washington State.  Over a decade ago, we began to develop a new, comprehensive concept that we call Environment-friendly Printing.  We have found that people who work for public-interest, non-profit organizations typically share our concern for environmental protection. With customers from Canada to Mexico, and from Washington State to Washington D.C., EcoGraphics/Abracadabra Printing is primarily focused on meeting the special printing needs of environmental and community-oriented, non-profit organizations.

Organizations working in the public interest usually operate with a minimum of resources.  They often rely on volunteers for many of their important projects. When they need something printed, these organizations seldom have in-house technical expertise or generous budgets at their disposal.  Because of their dedication, staff members and volunteers often accept responsibility for more tasks than they can reasonably accomplish and must struggle to keep critical projects on schedule.   They are often stuck with less than current computer technology and little or no formal computer training.  Sound familiar?


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